My Journey, As A Single Parent.

Being a single mother, I had a limited financial budget for my baby. Living in a small apartment, I work hard to earn my living. But, never wanted to compromise, as far as my baby was concerned. 1 month after my baby was born; my colleague gifted me a baby bean bag.

My encounter

1. Colorful- my son loved its bright colors and loved to be placed on it always. He always seemed cheerful while positioned on the bean bag.

2. Money saving- I never felt the need to buy the rocking bed or any other bedding for my boy. The bean bag solved the purpose completely. It saved me a lot of money.

3. Nose run aid- my son had a running nose and he always felt better lying on the inclined bean bag. It helped him breathe properly and drain the nose, as compared to a flat bed.

4. compact- it is a very compact bed. I squeezed it in the corner of my bedside. Now I can keep an eye on my boy, while resting on my bed.

5. Softness-whenever I place my baby on the bag, the bag automatically takes his shape. But, it is not that soft to fully sink him inside the bed.

6. warm- keeping my boy cozy has been a tough issue for me. Bean bag keeps him snug and forms a cocoon around him. He just loves it cuddling to it.

7. security- I always strap him with the belt, while I’m working. It keeps him positioned on the bag and keeping him comfortable at the same time. It keeps me tension free too.


I would suggest every mother to buy a baby bean bag. This is definitely the most comfortable baby product a parent can buy. Baby’s also love its vibrant colors, comfort and softness.